Revenue Disclosure

Welcome to the Revenue Disclosure page of EOBI Pension ( Our commitment to transparency is essential, and this page aims to provide insights into how we generate income to support and maintain our website.

Affiliate Partnerships

EOBI Pension may engage in affiliate partnerships to generate income. Affiliate links may be present in our content, and if users make purchases through these links, EOBI Pension may earn a commission. Rest assured, these links are carefully selected, and our primary goal is to provide valuable content to our audience.

Google AdSense

EOBI Pension also utilizes Google AdSense as an advertising platform. Google AdSense displays relevant advertisements based on the content of our website. The revenue generated from these ads helps cover operational costs, such as hosting and domain expenses.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about our revenue disclosure or wish to inquire about advertising opportunities, please feel free to contact us:


EOBI Pension is dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information to our audience. The revenue generated through affiliate partnerships and Google AdSense allows us to continue delivering high-quality content and maintaining the functionality of our website.

Thank you for your trust and continued support.

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