EOBI Employee Registration for Workers Welfare Funds

Now EOBI insured employees can register with Workers Welfare Funds (WWF). If you are an EOBI pensioner then you can get the benefits of WWF easily. There are many types of grants that employees can get if they are registered with this system. If you are not sure how to register with this welfare program then this guide is a perfect solution for you. You can get to know what is the procedure of application, what documents you need, and all other things. So let’s start the guide.

What is the Workers Welfare Board?

EOBI Registration for Workers Welfare Funds

Workers Welfare Board is an organization who is offering welfare programs for the workers of the private sector. The board is responsible for providing welfare facilities to its workers. For example, the board is accountable for offering housing, health and educational facilities, and grants to their employees. Each province of Pakistan has its own Workers’ Welfare Board.

The board was founded on the basis of Section 11-A of the Worker Welfare Fund Ordinance 1971. It is under the working supervision of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (HRD).

The system is offering different types of grants to workers like the Jahez grant for the marriage of daughters of workers. The scholarship grants for the children of workers and death grants to the relatives of dead workers.

How to Apply for Workers’ Welfare Funds?

Before you apply for the Workers Welfare Funds program, there is an eligibility criterion that every employee must fulfill. 

  • Employees or workers must fall into the “Workman” criteria that are defined in the IRA-2008.
  • Employees must be registered with EOBI and the employee social security institution.
  • Work should have at least 3 years of working experience or period. (In the case of death grants and educational grants, this 3 years working period is not required).

So every employee must fulfill these terms and conditions in order to get a registration with WWF.

How to Get Register with WWF?

The registration process for Workers’ Welfare Funds is simple. You can apply online as well. So you do not need to visit any physical office because you can get yourself registered with the online portal of WWF. However, you must register with EOBI before you apply for WWF registration.

There are four different portals for each province. If you are living in Punjab then you need to visit the Punjab portal and if you belong to Sindh then your web portal is in Sindh. We will discuss all websites below. So you can visit the one that belongs to you.

  • https://pwwf.punjab.gov.pk/ for Punjab
  • https://workerwelfareboard.kp.gov.pk/ for KPK
  • https://lhr.sindh.gov.pk/departments-wings/311 for Sindh
  • https://bwwf.site/ For Baluchistan

Registration for Talent Scholarship

Now suppose you belong to Punjab then here is how to apply for a talent scholarship.

  1. Visit https://pwwf.punjab.gov.pk/.
  2. On the main page, you will see two options: “Click here to apply” and the other is “Click here to deposit”.
  3. You need to click on the “Click here to apply” button to start the registration process.
  4. Now on this page, you will see two more options. One is login and the other is register.
  5. So you are going to apply for a talent scholarship so you will choose the register option.
  6. You will see a notification that will show that you can not join this program if you belong to the following colleges and schools.
    1. CFE Group of Colleges
    2. Muslim Institute of Computer Science Lahore
    3. Hamza Polytechnic Institute Kasur
    4. Grace College Lahore
    5. Mid-City Lahore
  7. Now you need to fill out the registration form with the following details:
    1. Provide your relationship with Worker
    2. Full Name of Student (as per CNIC)
    3. Father/Husband’s Name of Student (as per CNIC)
    4. Gender of Student
    5. CNIC/B-Form No.
    6. Date of Birth of Student ( as per CNIC )
    7. Marital Status of Student
    8. Province of Domicile of Student
    9. District of Domicile of Student
    10. Postal Address (Present)
    11. Province
    12. City 
    13. District 
    14. Tehsil 
    15. Postal Address (Permanent)
    16. Mobile No. of Student 
    17. Email Address of Student
  8. Now click on the declaration to accept all the terms and conditions and now click on the register button.

Your username and password will be emailed to you so that you can check your email. Now you can login to your account with that username and password to apply for a scholarship.

Registration for Marriage Grant

For a marriage grant, you can also apply for the WWF program. Here is the detail:

  1. Visit https://pwwf.punjab.gov.pk/ and click on the marriage grant section.
  2. Now you will see the option to login or register. So you need to click on the register.
  3. Now you need to provide the following details:
    1. Choose your relationship with the worker
    2. Your full name
    3. Father/husband’s name
    4. Gander
    5. CNIC number
    6. Postal address (present)
    7. Mobile number
    8. Email address
  4. Once you provide all the details, you can now click on the register button.

So your registration for WWF as a marriage grant will be completed here. Now you can login and apply for a grant.

Final Words

If you still have any confusion about how to get registered with Workers Welfare Funds then you can contact us. You can ask any question about the application process of this welfare program. We hope now you truly understand how to get yourself insured with this system and now you can do it for yourself. Thanks for reading.