Sajid Hussain Toori Announced the Increase in EOBI Pensions

Sajid Hussain Toori who is the  Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis has announced the EOBI pension increase for workers in Pakistan. He also added that we are going to offer a university where children of EOBI workers can get free and quality education.

During the Labor day event that was held by the Pakistan Workers Association and Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, Sajid Hussain Toori has discussed whether they are going to increase the pension for workers. There were many union leaders and workers who participated in this event and they also emphasized on pension increase. They said that we need to increase the pensions so even retired and old people can live a good life.

Toori has finally announced the news of pension increase. Now it is good news for the EOBI workers who were waiting for the increase in pensions from 2021. The news finally came up and now all the workers will get some extra money for their needs. However, this pension is increased for the workers who have children who are studying and are already getting the scholarship from EOBI. Now the amount of scholarship is increased from Rs1,500 to Rs6,000.

On this labor day event, Chaudhry Yasin also endorsed the decision to increase the salaries of employees who are the President of Pakistan Workers Association and CDA Workers Union. He also added, due to the high rate of inflation and bad economical conditions of Pakistan, employees have suffered from extreme financial situations. It is the need of the hour that the government should increase the amount of salaries according to the rate of inflation.