EOBI Verification and Registration

You can check your EOBI registration online. The system will tell you whether you are an insured employee of EOBI (Employee Old-age Benefits Institutions) or not. You can do EOBI verification anytime using the online portal. So it is very easy and simple for old people to check their online registration. We know many old-age employees are not able to use technology. That is why we made this guide for them.

If you are a retired employee and you want to know your EOBI status then you are in the right place. We will support you by checking your online status to get your pension. Also, we will provide you with all the necessary information to register with the EOBI program. So without any ado, let’s check your status now.

EOBI Verification Check Online

Check EOBI Verification of Registration Online

Let’s come straight to the point which is how to check EOBI verification online. Well, this is the guide that you should consider if you want to check your EOBI status as an employee. So what you need to do is:

  1. Open your PC or use a smartphone and visit
  2. www.eobi.gov.pk registration check
  3. On the right sidebar of the website, you will find an option “Individual Information”.
  4. Now click on “Insured Person/Employee Details”.
  5. You will see a new web portal where you will have three options to verify your EOBI status. Those three options are:
  6. Check EOBI status with old CNIC number
  7. Verify EOBI Status with new CNIC number
  8. Check EOBI verification with your EOBI number
  9. You can choose any of them that you prefer.

Once you login to your portal, you can check your EOBI status. If you are an insured EOBI person then all your information will be shown there. You can check your pension status and other records as well. If you are a minimum pension holder then you should know that you will get Rs. 8500 every month in your account. This is the minimum pension payment that EOBI-insured employees get.

EOBI Registration Check Online by CNIC

Employees can also check their EOBI registration by CNIC. Here is how to perform EOBI tracking online.

  1. Visit www.eobi.gov.pk registration check.
  2. Go to login portal.
  3. Now login to your account with your CNIC number.

What is EOBI and What are Its Benefits?

EOBI or Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution is a program that helps retired employees to get some help in the form of pension and insurance. As you know if a person is serving as a government employee, he will get all the fasciitis and allowances like free medical insurance, free electricity, free fuel for vehicles, and even a free car.

But if a person is serving as a private employee then what will he get? Well, that is why EOBI was created.

It was first introduced in 1976 during the government of prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Now the Ministry of Overseas Pakistani and Human Resource Development is running this program. It is based on Article 38 © and it is offering social and economic insurance to private-sector employees.

The main purpose of creating this platform was to help privately serving employees who were not able to get pensions after retirement. Whereas, government employees were able to get a pension once they retired.

EOBI Registration Qualification

In order to get a pension from EOBI, an employee needs to register with the EOBI network. However, there are some rules and conditions that every employee needs to fulfill before they get insured with the EOBI program. Let’s see what those terms and conditions are first.

  • A person must be a private sector employee for at least 15 years.
  • A person will be eligible for an EOBI pension if he is working in a private company where at least 5 employees are working.

If you are fulfilling all these terms then congratulations you can register with the EOBI pension program. Also, here are some examples of private jobs that are qualified for EOBI registration.

  • Mills
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Departmental Stores
  • Private Schools and Colleges
  • Private Organizations

EOBI Registration

There are two ways to get registered with EOBI. However, you can use any method that suits you better.

Registration Through EOBI Registered Employer

The first and most common method of EOBI registration is via your employer. Yes, your employer needs to comply with EOBI rules and he will register you for this pension program. Even, your employer will pay a contribution to your pension amount. So you need to ask your employer to get your registration with EOBI and pay a contribution as well. Here is what you and your employer need to contribute:

  • The employee will pay 1% of his salary as a pension contribution.
  • The employer will pay 5% of the employee’s salary as a pension contribution every month.

Note: Your employer needs to pay 5% of your salary amount every month in order to qualify for a pension. However, it is your right to get this contribution from your employer.

EOBI Registration Manually

You must be wondering what if my employer did not agree on paying 5% of my income for my pension? Well, worry not. If your employer is not getting you registered with EOBI, then you can do it by yourself as well. Here is the guide for you:

  1. You will need to visit the EOBI regional office. You can find EOBI regional offices in all major cities of Pakistan like Lahore and Islamabad.
  2. The representative of EOBI at the EOBI regional office will offer you a registration form that is called the PE-02 form.
  3. You need to fill the form with all valid details like your name, address, organization name and details and monthly salary, etc.
  4. Once your registration is done, you need to visit the regional office every month to deposit the pension deduction. You can also pay directly to a bank account if you do not want to visit the office every month.

How to Get my EOBI Pension?

Now if you are eligible to receive your pension then this is the guide that you can use to get your monthly pension from EOBI. You will need to provide:

  • Two passport-size attested photographs
  • Attested copy of CNIC or national ID card
  • Your EOBI registration card (PI-03)
  • A certificate of the employee from your employer. It will mention all the contributions of employees like service period, and monthly salary and employees should not have any claim to submit.
  • A full annual salary slip record.

Submit all these documents to any regional office and they will give you a confirmation slip. After the procedure of EOBI, they will issue an EOBI card within one month of the application being submitted. Further, you can use your EOBI card to check and get your pension every month.


With this guide, you can easily do EOBI verification and check your EOBI status online. We also have explained the registration methods that you can follow to get registered with this pension program. If you have any confusion then you can ask anything in the comment section.