79 Coal Mines Employees Died Without EOBI Pension

January 1, 2024 – In a tragic incident that has sent shockwaves across the nation, 79 coal mine employees lost their lives while at work. These miners, who toiled under perilous conditions, were not registered with the EOBI, leaving their families in dire financial straits.

The devastating event occurred in a remote mining area, highlighting the severe risks and challenges faced by coal miners daily. Despite the hazardous nature of their work, these miners were not covered under the EOBI pension scheme, which is designed to provide financial security to employees in their old age.

According to initial reports, the mine collapse was sudden and catastrophic, giving workers no time to escape. Emergency services were unable to reach the site promptly due to the remote location and poor infrastructure, compounding the tragedy.

Families of the deceased miners are now grappling with the loss of their loved ones and the harsh reality of financial instability. Many of these workers were the sole breadwinners for their families, who are now left without any means of support. The absence of EOBI registration means these families are not eligible for pensions or other financial aid that could have provided some relief in these trying times.

The incident has sparked a nationwide outcry, with labor unions and social activists calling for immediate government intervention. They argue that the government must take responsibility and ensure that all coal mine workers are registered with EOBI. This would not only provide financial security to the workers but also ensure that their families are not left destitute in the event of such tragedies.

The government is urged to provide immediate financial assistance to the affected families and to implement stricter regulations to ensure that all workers in hazardous industries are covered under EOBI.