EOBI Benefits After Death

After the death of an EOBI pensioner, the Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) provides several benefits to the family of the deceased to ensure their financial stability. These benefits include a survivor’s pension, which is payable to the widow or widower, and in the absence of a spouse, to the deceased pensioner’s children under specific conditions. 

Additionally, the institution offers an orphan pension for children under the age of 18, and if the deceased pensioner has unmarried daughters, they are entitled to receive the pension until they get married. These benefits are designed to offer support and security to the family members during a challenging time, ensuring they have the necessary financial resources to meet their basic needs.

What Are the Benefits of EOBI Pension After the Death of the Pensioner?

Survivor’s Pension

The primary benefit provided by the EOBI after the death of a pensioner is the survivor’s pension. This benefit is payable to the widow or widower of the deceased. In cases where the pensioner leaves behind a spouse, the survivor’s pension ensures that the surviving partner continues to receive financial support. This pension aims to mitigate the financial impact of losing a partner and provides a steady income to help cover living expenses.

Orphan’s Pension

If the deceased pensioner has children, they may be eligible for an orphan’s pension. This benefit is granted to children under the age of 18, ensuring that the financial burden of raising children does not fall entirely on the remaining family members. The orphan’s pension helps cover essential needs such as education, healthcare, and daily living expenses, providing a safety net for the youngest members of the family during a vulnerable period.

Pension for Unmarried Daughters

Unmarried daughters of the deceased pensioner are entitled to receive a pension until they get married. This benefit is designed to offer financial support to daughters who may not yet be financially independent. It helps ensure they have the necessary resources to support themselves, covering basic needs and potentially assisting with educational or vocational pursuits.

Other Support Measures

In addition to the primary benefits, EOBI may offer other support measures to the family of the deceased pensioner. These could include financial assistance for funeral expenses or additional aid programs designed to provide temporary relief during the period immediately following the pensioner’s death. These measures aim to alleviate the immediate financial stress faced by the family and provide a smoother transition as they adjust to their new circumstances.