How to Apply for an EOBI Card?

Applying for an EOBI card in Pakistan is a crucial step for employees seeking to secure their retirement benefits. The EOBI card serves as a support for accessing various pension-related services and ensuring that employees receive their rightful old-age, survivor, and invalidity pensions. 

Understanding the application process for the EOBI card is essential for both employers and employees, as it facilitates the smooth disbursement of benefits and supports the financial security of retirees. 

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to apply for an EOBI card, ensuring you have all the information needed to complete the process efficiently.

How to Apply for an EOBI Pension Card?

Here is the complete process to apply for the EOBI card for the first time.

Step 1: Visit Bank Alfalah’s Nearest Branch

  1. Locate the Branch: Find the nearest Bank Alfalah branch. You can use their website or mobile app to find the most convenient location.
  2. Prepare Your Documents: Before visiting the branch, make sure to gather all the necessary documents. These typically include:
    • Original and photocopy of your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card)
    • Recent passport-sized photographs
    • EOBI registration number
    • Proof of employment or any related documents as required by the bank

Step 2: Open an EOBI Pension Account

  1. At the Bank: Upon arrival at the bank, inform the staff that you wish to open an EOBI pension account. They will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary forms.
  2. Complete the Forms: Fill out all required forms with accurate information. Ensure that all details match those on your official documents.
  3. Biometric Verification: Once your forms are completed, the bank will carry out a biometric verification process. This involves scanning your fingerprints to confirm your identity.

Step 3: Get Your Account Details

  1. Account Confirmation: After successful verification, the bank will provide you with your new EOBI pension account details. Make sure to note down your account number and any other important information.
  2. Receive Confirmation: The bank will also give you a confirmation slip or document stating that your account has been successfully opened.

Step 4: Wait for Your EOBI Card

  1. Card Delivery: Your EOBI pension card will be processed and sent to your registered address. This usually takes about one week.
  2. Keep Track: Stay in touch with the bank if you do not receive your card within the expected time frame.

How to Activate Your EOBI Pension Card

Now you need to activate EOBI card to use it. Here is the complete process.

Step 1: Visit an ATM

  1. Locate an ATM: Find the nearest Bank Alfalah ATM. You can use their website or mobile app to find the most convenient location.

Step 2: Insert Your Card

  1. Card Insertion: Insert your new EOBI pension card into the ATM.

Step 3: Follow On-Screen Instructions

  1. Enter PIN: You will be prompted to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Follow the instructions to set up your PIN.
  2. Activate Card: Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your card. This will involve confirming your identity through additional security questions or biometric verification if required.

Step 4: Confirmation

  1. Transaction Receipt: Once your card is activated, you will receive a confirmation message on the ATM screen, and a receipt will be printed.
  2. Keep Safe: Safeguard your PIN and do not share it with anyone. Your EOBI pension card is now ready for use.