Bank Alfalah EOBI Complaint Process

Since 2016, Bank Alfalah has been managing EOBI pension payments, requiring pensioners to use a Bank Alfalah debit card to withdraw and access their pensions. While this system aims to streamline the process, issues can sometimes arise. If you’re facing problems with your EOBI pension card, follow this step-by-step guide to file a complaint and get the help you need.

Bank Alfalah EOBI Complaint Process

Commons Issues of Bank Alfalah Pension Card

Before filing a complaint, clearly identify the problem you are facing with your EOBI pension card. Common issues include:

  • The card not working at ATMs or POS terminals.
  • Lost or stolen card.
  • Incorrect pension amount.
  • Card activation issues.
  • Problems with online banking access.

How to File a Complaint for EOBI Pension Card Issues with Bank Alfalah?

Are you facing Bank Alfalah pension card issues? Then you need to follow this guide to make a contact and file a complaint.

Gather Necessary Information:

Have the following details ready before making contact:

  • Your EOBI pension card number.
  • Your account number.
  • Any transaction receipts or error messages.
  • Your CNIC or identification details.

Contact Bank Alfalah Customer Service:

Reach out to Bank Alfalah’s customer service using the appropriate contact details based on your location:

From within Pakistan:

  • Dial: +21 111-225-111 or +42 111-225-111

From outside Pakistan:

  • Dial: +92 21 111-225-111 or +92 42 111-225-111

For Card Authorization:

  • Dial: 042 111-225-786

Via Email:

Explain Your Issue Clearly:

  • When contacting customer service, clearly explain the issue you are facing. Provide all necessary details, including your EOBI pension card number, account number, and a description of the problem. Be concise but thorough in your explanation.