Govt of Pakistan Urged to Increase EOBI Pensions to Rs.15000/

It is a piece of news from Islamabad that EOBI pensioners are requesting the government of Pakistan to increase their pensions from Rs. 8500 to Rs. 15000 per month.

However, the government of Pakistan has announced an increase in the pension amount to Rs. 15000 in 2021. But there is no implementation of this announcement till in 2023. The inflation rate in Pakistan is increasing like a fire in the woods. A middle-class family is now more under pressure when it comes to fulfilling the daily needs of their life.

An employee or laborer is a pillar of any country. They sacrifice their efforts to make strong buildings and pay their part in the economic improvement of the country. So when it comes to paying them, unfortunately, we do not have a good past to discuss in Pakistan.

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) is a program and institute that is offering pensions to retired private employees.

Muhammad Charag Deen is a 60-year-old retired employee. While talking with one of our reporters, he said, “The government has to increase the pensions. The inflation rate is increasing day by day and there is no relief for old age employees who do not have any source of income to eat and live a simple life.”

Another employee named Muhammad Ghafoor said, “How could a man live with only Rs.8500? while the prices of bread and wheat are going through the roof. How can I survive with my old wife with only eighty-five hundred rupees while the cost of electricity and Sui gas has been increasing every month?”

So after taking some reviews from many pensioners, they were all endorsing only one thing which was “increase the pension to Rs. 15000 at least”.

One thing that we also will endorse here is, the government of Pakistan should increase the pensions. This is a new era and a poor old man can not live with only a few hundred rupees. We are already seeing the unstable situation of the government in our country. The recession is increasing rapidly and middle-class people are striving for basic needs like bread, pure water to drink, and a roof to live under.

However, there is no stance from the government of Pakistan yet and we can not say anything about when the government will go. Increase the pensions and how much time they will take. Also, employees need to keep requesting for EOBI pensions to increase so they can put some pressure on the government of Pakistan.

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