EOBI Chairman Initiates Crackdown on Corruption

In a decisive move to root out corruption and inefficiency within the Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), newly appointed Chairman Khaqan Murtaza has initiated a sweeping crackdown against corrupt officials. Since taking charge in 2024, Murtaza has pledged to restore integrity and accountability within the organization. The crackdown targets officers, clerks, and workers involved in corrupt practices or neglecting their duties. 

Murtaza’s actions have already led to the dismissal of several staff members, demonstrating his commitment to a zero-tolerance policy on corruption. He emphasized that restoring public trust in EOBI is a top priority, ensuring that pensions and benefits reach deserving retirees without delay or misconduct. The move has been welcomed by many as a necessary step to cleanse the institution and uphold the rights and welfare of pensioners across Pakistan.