EOBI Pensions Disbursed for July 2024

EOBI has successfully disbursed pensions for July 2024. The pensions, credited to the accounts of registered pensioners, remain at Rs. 10,000, the same amount as in previous months, with no increase announced yet.

EOBI officials confirmed the timely disbursement, ensuring that the pensioners receive their funds without delay. This move comes as a relief to many who rely on these payments to manage their monthly expenses. However, the consistent amount has sparked a mixed reaction among the pensioners, who were hoping for an increase in their monthly pensions amid rising inflation and the high cost of living in Pakistan.

Pensioners and their families have expressed both relief and concern. “While we are grateful for the timely deposit, the amount of Rs. 10,000 is hardly sufficient to cover our basic needs,” said one pensioner. “We are eagerly waiting for the government to announce an increase in the pension amount.”

The EOBI pensions serve as critical financial help for many retired workers, particularly those from the lower-income bracket. With the current economic situation and inflation rates soaring, the demand for increased pension amounts has been louder than ever.

Government officials have acknowledged the concerns raised by pensioners and assured them that discussions regarding a potential increase are ongoing. However, no official announcement has been made as of yet. The delay in increasing the pension amount has been attributed to various economic challenges and budgetary constraints the government faces.