EOBI Medical Allowance Falls Short for Pensioners Amid Rising Inflation

The Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) in Pakistan provides medical insurance to registered employees. However, the medical allowance currently given to old-age pensioners is insufficient to meet their needs. As the inflation rate soars in 2024, many pensioners find it increasingly difficult to afford basic healthcare.

EOBI Medical Allowance Falls Short for Pensioners Amid Rising Inflation

Prices of Medicine Have Increased in 2024

The cost of living has dramatically increased, leaving pensioners struggling to manage their medical expenses. With no discounts or additional support, they face a harsh reality where the medical allowance barely covers essential healthcare services. Pensioners, who have dedicated their lives to their work, now find themselves in a tough spot, unable to afford the medical care they desperately need.

These pensioners are appealing to the government of Pakistan to take immediate action. They urge the authorities to either increase the medical allowance significantly or double their pension payments. This change is crucial for ensuring they can access necessary healthcare without financial stress.

Inflation Rate in 2024 and Medical Allowance

The rising inflation has impacted all aspects of life, but for old-age pensioners, the effect is particularly severe. Many rely solely on their pensions, and the current allowance does not keep pace with the skyrocketing costs. The government needs to recognize this issue and take serious steps to address it.

Providing adequate medical support for pensioners is not just a matter of financial adjustment but a moral responsibility. These individuals have contributed to society throughout their lives and deserve to be taken care of in their old age. By increasing the medical allowance or doubling the pension payments, the government can ensure that pensioners live with dignity and receive the healthcare they need.

It is time for the government to listen to the voices of these pensioners and act swiftly. Their well-being depends on it, and the nation owes them this respect and care.