EOBI Pension Calculator

Welcome to our EOBI Pension Calculator, designed to provide you with an estimate of your potential pension based on your salary and years of service. The Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) in Pakistan ensures financial security for retired employees by pooling contributions from employers, employees, and the government.

EOBI Pension Calculator

By entering your salary and tenure into our calculator, you can quickly estimate your pension benefits, empowering you to plan your retirement with confidence. Discover your anticipated EOBI pension today.

EOBI Pension Calculator

EOBI Pension Calculator

How Does the EOBI Pension Calculator Work?

The EOBI pension calculator operates by computing an estimate of the pension an individual will receive upon retirement in Pakistan. It functions based on specific contribution rates: an employer contributes 5% of the employee’s salary, while the employee must contribute a minimum of 1% of their salary. 

Additionally, the government of Pakistan supplements the pension scheme by covering 50% of the total contributions made by both the employer and employee. The calculator takes two key inputs: the individual’s current salary and their anticipated tenure of service. Using this information, it calculates the respective contributions from both the employer and employee over the specified tenure. 

The final estimated pension amount is derived by summing these contributions and factoring in the government’s 50% contribution. This tool enables individuals to gain insights into their future pension earnings, aiding in financial planning for retirement under the EOBI guidelines and regulations.

EOBI Tax Calculator

The EOBI tax calculator helps individuals estimate their contributions to the EOBI in Pakistan. By entering income details and relevant tax rates, users can quickly calculate their EOBI tax obligations. This tool facilitates financial planning by providing clarity on mandatory contributions toward retirement benefits under EOBI regulations.

EOBI Gratuity Calculator

The EOBI gratuity calculator assists in calculating the gratuity amount owed to employees upon retirement or termination. It factors in the employee’s salary, tenure of service, and applicable gratuity rates as per EOBI guidelines, ensuring accurate estimations for financial planning purposes.